Prof. Dr. Christoph J. Brabec
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Prof. Dr. Christoph J. Brabec

Chair of Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology

Materials research for renewable energies

  • Development of molecular, colloidal and sol-gel based semiconductors for renewable energies
  • Development of organic and perovskite solar cells
  • AI for multi-parameter optimisation of semiconductors for generating renewable energies
  • Robot-based R&D devices for developing new materials and processes in renewable energy technology
  • Operation of an automated research platform for optimising components for renewable energies
  • Transparent materials and fluorescents for light and heat management in windows

Process development for renewable energies

  • Scientific director of ZAE Bayern, Erlangen region
  • Spokesperson for research area Renewable Energy Technologies (EET) at Energie Campus Nürnberg (EnCN)
  • Director of the Solar Factory of the Future (SFF)
  • Photovoltaics integrated into buildings and windows
  • Operation of a pilot plant for manufacturing printed PV modules with a capacity of > 1 MW
  • Imaging methods for quality control in the production of renewable energies
  • Operation of a ‘laboratory for extremely accelerated ageing’ – X-ALT
  • Operation of a laser structuring machine for manufacturing thin film modules
  • AI for the optimisation of PV technologies

Artificial intelligence and high-throughput research in renewable energies

  • Director of Helmholtz Institute for Renewable Energies Erlangen-Nürnberg (HI ERN), focusing on high-throughput methods in photovoltaics
  • Operation of an accredited photovoltaic test laboratory
  • Operation of several test stands for testing photovoltaic modules under various conditions
  • Evaluating photovoltaic modules
  • Scouting for innovative photovoltaic technologies
  • Monitoring MW and GW photovoltaic plants
  • Developing drone-based systems for monitoring PV arrays online
  • Cyber security for renewable energies